Create High-Impact, Agile Marketing Teams

It's not as simple as adding a few contract employees to an existing workforce model.

paperbackbookstanding_848x1126 (36)On the surface, it might appear easy to shift to a flexible workforce model by adding a few temporary employees. The reality is that the modern workforce requires a completely different way of thinking about, recruiting, and managing a team.

The challenge: companies struggle with finding and managing gig workers. 

In fact, 53% of executives rate their company's management of gig and independent workers as weak.  In this guide for managers, discover a path for successfully transforming to a flexible workforce model.

In this guide:

  • The case for flexible workforce models
  • Trends: Fast growth and high satisfaction 
  • Guiding the shift from traditional to contingent 
  • A path laid out in 5 actionable steps
  • 7 actions to take today 

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