How to Keep a High Performing Team and Combat the Talent Shortage

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Why is Hiring so Difficult Right Now?

At the same time that companies look toward future growth, employees have more employment options than ever before. Open positions are harder to fill and a new generation follows a new set of rules. You need a plan to maintain a high-performing team in a time of change. 

“Despite these trends, employers aren’t doing enough to address this talent shortage. One quarter of employers have not made the effort to address the skills shortage at their company. It is this sense of indifference, not necessarily the lack of talent that will cause the skills gap to widen. To combat this, employers need to redefine their definition of talent and rethink some of their talent strategies to adapt in this candidate-driven market.”

-2018 Hiring Outlook: The Impact of the Growing Skills Shortage On the Employer-Employee Relationship.

In this paper:

  • What's Changed in the Job Market
  • The True Cost of Turnover
  • 5 Key Actions to Reduce Turnover

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