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For 14 years and running, WunderLand has supported over 1,000 companies from start-ups to Fortune500 organizations across a breadth of industries including retail, transportation, fintech, CPG, health & wellness and many more.

From digital design and content creation to customer experience research, design and implementation, WunderLand consultants bring deep experience and deliver exceptional work. WunderLand is an industry leader executing high-impact work within UX and UI Design, marketing, and creative disciplines. 

And we have a track record of client stories that speak to the impact we’ve had. Read some of our clients’ stories below.


10+Year Partnership Continues to Deliver

For this Fortune 500 retail drug and wellness company, we have had a 10-year partnership supporting their ecommerce and marketing teams. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided a project team of UX Designers, Visual Designers, Product Designers, Copywriters, and Content Strategists to develop a COVID-19 microsite that allowed their customers to book vaccination appointments, keep them up to date on the latest COVID policies, and helped ensure their patients were safe by creating a contact-free option for picking up prescriptions and other services.We continue to build teams for this client that operate as an extension of their creative and digital departments. 


Mobile App Team and Lasting Partnership

We have provided 200+ consultants for over a decade to this global airline. Supporting the ecommerce team we have provided more than 100 Core UX team members, a Mobile App team and “Pod teams” comprised of Content Strategists, Project Managers, UX Designers, Visual Designers, and UX Researchers. Our teams have worked on some of the most critical projects in the client's history. Some of our team members ultimately joined this company in various leadership roles and subsequently asked WunderLand to help build out their respective product teams. 


eCommerce Portal Development

A global beauty retailer came to WunderLand for assistance with their new portal, which served as the main revenue driver for their eCommerce business. The new portal was complex, requiring experienced and proven consultants who could grasp a multi-faceted project quickly. WunderLand staffed their overall omnichannel creative director role which was ultimately responsible for leading the entire overhaul and rebranding of the eCommerce portal. This included mobile touch points and the use of augmented reality to further bolster eCommerce traffic and success. From there, the team grew to more than 10 consultants with a combination of UX designers, digital designers, product designers and interactive designers.



Writers Cohort = Ongoing Content Creation

A global health and wellness company’s creative team needed additional content creation support for a variety of business partners. Of critical importance was the ability to flex to the varying volume of work, as well as the need for specialized writing expertise from PhD-level clinical writing to more standard medical writing to branded content. We structured the Cohort (team) of five with a program director to oversee multiple, variable resources in each experience category. This team structure now provides our client with the ability to scale the team up or down, seamlessly make changes to the team as the demand for different focus areas and expertise changes, and our oversight enables our client to focus on their core priorities. We provide executive stakeholder weekly progress reports including resource utilization status to ensure we keep to budget and maximize value delivered.  


Copy Services Team = 2000+ Pieces of Content

Our telecommunications client launched a new brand identity and identified more than 2,000 pieces of content that needed to be rebranded with a new tone and voice. WunderLand provided a copy services team which included two writers and a program director to manage the rewrite including client messaging, website and text tracks. The copy services team continues to provide writing support to the marketing team for a variety of ongoing workstreams. The team director works closely with various leaders in both the marketing and digital services groups and attends weekly meetings as a key point of integration with the team. 


IT Communications Support

As a shared services partner to four different businesses, the chief information officer needed assistance with communication ranging from critical, high-business impact to building internal credibility. WunderLand provided a communication director supported by the WunderLand Studio team with video production and design support to execute on these services. The communication director conducted an internal survey to learn preferences and set performance benchmarks. The director then built a communication strategy for the information technology team and partnered with each leader to support cross-functional communication efforts. 



A proven track record through exceptional talent 

A large healthcare provider’s Marketing team needed support while a member of their Advertising branch went on maternity leave. WunderLand connected with a candidate who brought a wealth of Marketing/Advertising experience to the space and a stellar professional background. As the wrap-up date approached, the hiring manager knew they had to integrate the candidate into their company in some way. WunderLand quickly uncovered the opportunity for the candidate to jump to their Regional Marketing office to cover yet another maternity leave. This team was also thoroughly impressed. We’re happy to report that our candidate will start her third consecutive maternity leave coverage for this client at the end of this month. Our client’s Marketing teams could not be more relieved to have such strong, consistent coverage from someone they now view as a trusted extension of their organization.


Bringing a Major Brand Debut to Life

A patient-centered technology company unveiled its new website which was part of its first brand launch. To support this initiative, WunderLand provided staffing services to curate a team of digital designers, digital asset managers, illustrators and more. Our consultants worked closely with team members and the partner agency to implement the new brand assets across all platforms, marketing touchpoints, and sales enablement tools. Additionally, our team assisted in the migration of all digital assets to the new site, which now serves as a central location for all critical brand assets pertaining to the rebrand. As part of this role, our consultant serves as a point of contact for the onboarding team throughout the configuration process. Finally, we also support the designs and illustration curation to assist in the online and mobile company exercises, educational content and overall product. Along with the education team, our consultant will work closely with writers to flesh out content and finalize illustrations that align with the new brand.


10+ Year Partnership Continues to Deliver

Our partners at a clinical lab organization had a bold plan for a reorganization of their marketing function. A key element of this change was a centralized Marketing Excellence team that not only advised the different product/service-specific marketing teams about best practices but also educated them on how to pull, review and utilize data more intelligently moving forward. Their biggest challenge? Finding the needle in the haystack who could bring the proper depth of marketing experience along with the ability to build educational tools and the professional demeanor to navigate their highly matrixed organization. Our Talent Engagement Managers got to work and tracked down the perfect person. After three conversations, she was hired. Our candidate proved to be a key player in the marketing overhaul as she worked together with leadership to not only improve our client’s marketing output but the caliber of talent within the organization.



Decade-Long Partnership

For a global equity trading platform, we have provided 10+ consultants over our decade-long relationship. Our talent ranged from UX Designers and product design to UX Research experts and content/copywriters. The focus was on various strategic initiatives including the build-out of investment platforms targeted to specific customer sectors or investment profiles. Our contributions and experienced professionals allowed for seamless execution and supported successful initiatives in various departments. 


Asset Creation & Execution

For a global lending and data analytics company, WunderLand provided 12 digital designers and copywriters. Our team primarily supported the internal marketing and communications needs including collateral and social media support. This provided our client with a cohesive, go-to-market voice and plan. Our professionals succinctly and effectively created content, graphics and other assets to promote and contribute to the success of the content strategy.


A Cloud-based Saas Solution to Manage Ownership Data

Our client’s director of marketing needed a team to support the development of a variety of marketing programs. The work required an all-hands-on-deck approach inclusive of design, email automation and webinar creation and promotion. WunderLand Studio provided ongoing support as a critical partner in the discovery and execution of marketing needs. The Studio team was the client’s sole partner for marketing execution. In addition, Studio supported updating all of their collateral with new branding post-acquisition. The breadth of services offered through the Studio team has enabled the client to focus on growth initiatives throughout the organization.


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